Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn in class?

All the basis of Scuba diving including The diving equipment used for scuba, breathing underwater, use of buoyancy to keep you off the bottom, dive planning, All these skills and many more are learned during you pool training and open water training dives.

Is learning to Dive hard, do I have to be a good swimmer?

Not really, if your reasonably fit and comfortable in the water then you should do fine learning to dive. during your class you will complete a medical questionier to determine your fitness for diving and during the first pool session you will be given a short swimming test.

What if I have a medical condition can I still learn to dive?

Depends, some medical conditions can exclude you from taking lessons but many don't. Just download PADI Medical Statement it will ask you simple yes and no questions, if you answer yes to any of the questions you will have to see your family doctor for approval before you can take lessons. Medical statement

Where are the classes held?

We offer classes around the Indianapolis area and it surrounding communities just check our class schedule to find one that best fits you schedule and location.

What does it really cost?

At Indy Scuba we have an All-Inclusive pricing that simple to understand, No hidden cost in our training classes. we provide all equipment including mask,fins and snorkel during all of our training class's. Down load our Questioner sheet to use when calling Dive Shops about there pricing.

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