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Don't bust your vacation budget learning to Dive!

Scuba Lessons

Scuba Diving can be a Fun and Exciting experience. With Indy Scuba We have classes that focus on you. With our simple package pricing, you no longer will have the stress of learning to dive. You select the lessons that best suits your needs and budget. Don't bust your vacation budget learning to Dive! There are no hidden costs with Indy Scuba. Your class cost is all inclusive.

Are you a beginner? Consider taking our Scuba Diver Course or Open Water Diver Course Both courses are entry level courses. Open water Certification sets you and your dive buddy free on your own, while the Scuba Diver Certification has you dive with a Guide. Are you currently an Open Water Diver? Consider expanding your diving knowledge with our Advanced Open Water Diver Course. The Advanced O/W class expands your diving knowledge under the supervision of an Instructor, Join us on one of our Advance class trips or at one of the local training sites. Are you an Advanced Open Water Diver? Looking for a challenging and rewarding experience then consider our Rescue Diver Course. The Rescue Diver Course is one of the most rewarding class it will build your knowledge and confidance all while having fun.

Our All-inclusive package pricing is simple and straight forward we don't hide any additional cost's for you to bear. The use of all scuba equipment is included in the class fee for both pool and local open water dives.

What's Included? ( the use of the below equipment is provided at no additional cost )

  •     Mask, Snorkel and fins
  •     Bouyancy Control Device (BCD)
  •     Regulator
  •     Alternate Air Source
  •     Submersible Pressure Gauge (SPG)
  •     Depth Gauge or Computer
  •     Tank
  •     Exposure Suit, Hood and Gloves
  •     Whisle and Compass

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