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About Us

Indy Scuba is not your traditional brick and mortar dive shop. Indy Scuba is owned by Pat O'Brien, an independent PADI certified instructor.

Our focus is strictly on providing the necessary educational fundamentals to become a certified diver.

What does this mean for you? This means you are not required to invest in equipment in order to become certified, where as you may with others.

This allows you to take the course and use our equipment during all of your training. This is perfect for the person who may enjoy recreational diving while on a yearly cruise or vacation. For the more serious divers who prefer to own their own equipment, we are able to provide guidance in selecting equipment to meet your personal needs. All of the equipment you will use during your training is from the leading manufacturers and we can also outfit you with your own gear at competitive internet pricing.

Our sole mission is to provide quality diver education. Our courses offer both the flexibility and convenience of doing your knowledge development online while in the comfort of your own home. Our Instructors are available to answer your questions while progressing through the online course. We're a simple email away. By offering online knowledge development, we reduce the time spent in a traditional classroom allowing us to focus on your pool skills.