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Technical Diving



"Indy Scuba Technical Diver Programs"

At Indy Scuba, we offer Technical Diver training packages to meet your individual needs. These classes are offered through two of the most trusted training agencies, PADI and TDI.

We offer a wide variety of training from Discover Tec and beyond in both the new sidemount or traditional back mounted doubles. So, you are not sure which system is right for you? In our Discover Tec class you will have the opportunity to try both systems to better determine which system is suited for the path you would like to take.

So, if you are wanting to stay down a little longer, go a little deeper to explore those underwater wrecks or reefs you have come to enjoy as a Recreational diver, we can help you make that transition into technical diving.

Warning, technical diving has added risks. But statistics indicate that properly trained and equipped tech divers are just as safe as the average recreational diver.

Enrollment in our tech courses does not guarantee certification. Only your hard work combined with the right attitude towards this type of diving will ensure your success.

To learn more about a PADI Tech Program class's click on the links below or email us.

Discover Tech Diving

Tech 40

Tech 45

Tech 50

Tec Sidemount

To learn more about a TDI Tech Program class's click on the links below or email us.

Intro to Tech Diving

Advanced Nitrox Diver

Decompression Procedures Diver